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Aquatic | May 15, 2012

Red Sea S500 Reef System

The latest reef system from Red Sea is the Max S-Series. It’s available in three sizes 90 gallon, 135 gallon, and 175 gallon and in 6 colors.  The colors on the aquarium, light, and cabinet can be changed later to match room decor. This system has all the features avid reef hobbyists have been asking for for years. Here are the features of the system:

  • 10 T5 54 watt lighting.
  • 3 closed loop circulation pumps.
  • 1 powerful main circulation pump located in the sump below
  • Starfire glass
  • 7 gallon RO water auto top off system
  • Tank length top water surface skimmer
  • Quiet overflow to sump with emergency overflow system.
  • Glass sump in cabinet large enough for additional accessories
  • Amazing C-Skim 1800 protein skimmer included with self cleaning neck washing system
  • Pre-plumbed for addition accessories such as UV sterilizer or chiller
  • Power unit built into system with light timers, circuit breakers, extra plugs for accessories, etc.

Video Tour:

Come see the reef system on display and in action at the store to see how impressive this system really is.

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